Laura's Loving Pet Sitting / Walking Services Inc.

Loving, Patient & Reliable Pet Care, Fully Insured & Bonded   


All Veterans and Active Women and Men

 in the our Military receive 10% discount off all services!

All our Women and Men in Blue receive 
10% discount off all services!
 Member of The Southwestern PA Pet Sitters Network

Pet Services and Rates
Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

Fully Insured & Bonded
Our rates and services are flexible to meet your specific needs, and we will work with you!

For general rates and services we charge $70 per overnight stay at your home with your dog or cat ($5 for each additional dog or cat). 

An overnight stay consists of staying overnight at your home from approximately 6pm to 8am with one 30 minute mid-day day visit. These times  and visits are flexible depending on your pet(s) needs, and I often will stay longer when able.
(*Bringing in mail daily, watering plants, cleaning and taking out garbage is at no additional cost when doing overnights.)

We charge $20 per dog/cat for a 30 minute walk/visit ($5 for each additional dog/cat).
Additional pet(s) (other than dogs & cats) care is negotiable.  
We do not charge any additional fees for puppies.
Holidays costs are uplifted by $5 a visit / $10 for overnight.  
We work 24/7.  

We are located in Monaca Heights near the mall, yet will not be able to board or do doggie daycare at this time unless special arrangements are made. We prefer to stay at the client's home since we currently have pets of our own & are usually gone doing overnights, visits & walks.  

We ask that you please book us asap as we are already making bookings in 2018! Thank You!

All of Your Pets Covered
Diversity is Exciting!

We have had great pleasure sitting and caring for our clients dogs and cats, as well as their other pets, such as fish, birds, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles at an agreed upon price depending on requirements.